Strategic Design is the application of future-oriented design rules with the intention to enhance an organization’s modern and competitive qualities. “Traditional definitions of design often focus on creating discrete solutions — be it a product, a building, or a service. Strategic design is about making use of a number of the ideas of traditional design to “big image” systemic challenges. It redefines how problems are approached, identifies opportunities for motion, and helps deliver more full and resilient solutions.”

Its foundations lie in the evaluation of exterior and internal traits and data, which enables design choices to be made on the idea of info fairly than aesthetics or intuition. As such it is thought to be an efficient way to bridge innovation, research, management and design.

Things which are centered on when taking a Strategic Design Approach

Full Product experiences

More than just an app or site

Service Design

Marketing strategies

Social interactions

Supporting Worker Experiences

Physical experiences

Sound/ Contact /Visible

Create a vision based on knowledgeable research

Create what people need

Stakeholder’s could not know what they need to do

So with that definition let’s concentrate on the how things are traditionally driven in a product process. Normally when a product moves to a stage of maturity it moves into what’s called a Tactical Design approach. It boils down to something like this.

Tactical Design identifies and investigates with known and ambiguous features of the current situation to discover hidden parameters and open different paths which will lead to the goal. Because Tactical Design is iterative, intermediate “options” are additionally potential starting factors of other paths, including redefining of the initial problem.

Things which can be centered on when taking a Tactical Design Approach

Concentrate on an app/site

The refinement of a process to execute an app/characteristic or site

UX/UI of the app or site


Visible Design

Create decisions based on user feedback and stakeholder input

Create what people need

Stakeholder’s already have a vision — just need someone to create it

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