Congratulations! A Step By Step Home Inspection has been scheduled for your home. Here are just a few simple things to be aware of so that you can be prepared for the best inspection experience.


Step By Step Home Inspection is a pet friendly firm. If your pets are home during the inspection we will make sure they remain safe and

happy. You know your pets best, if a stranger on premises will

make them nervous or angry please let us know ahead of time so

we can accommodate them.

Leave the Utilities Connected

Please make sure all of the utilities are connected. During our

inspection we will need to check appliances, test the furnace and

air conditioning along with other electrical and plumbing

inspections. Without utilities, the inspector will have to reschedule

which could delay your closing process.

Keep Pilot Lights Ignited

We are also unable to light pilot lights in your home. If your pilot

lights are not lit, then important items such as the water heater, gas

stove or furnace will not be properly inspected.

Provide Workspace Around Furnace and Water

Heaters, and Electrical Boxes

Remove boxes, bookcases, furniture and anything else blocking

access to your furnace, air conditioner, water heater, and electrical

boxes. The inspector will need to be able to inspect these items.

We are not permitted to move your personal belongings to get to

these items.

Provide Access to Attic and Garage & Crawlspace

The inspector will need to get into your garage, basement,

crawlspace and/or attic as well, so please keep a path cleared.

Leave Keys for Outbuildings and Electrical Boxes

If there are any outbuildings, unattached garages to be inspected

please leave a key or garage opener for the inspector to gain

access. Please unlock the covers for your sprinkler system and

electrical box.